samiha alam

Digital Prayers (2019) is a collborative project created with Ricardo Abbaszadeh, Khadija Aziz, Cheng Qin, Tutu Guo, Noemi Biro, Sumangla Bishnoi, Anna Huff, and Hyunji Jung.  Using motion capture technology, machine learning, and other visual tools, our team created an exhibition in the span of two days. During my time, I worked with Sumangla Bishnoi to create an animation that best represented the data we collected from the motion capture rig.

Through this project, not only did I learn how to utilize new technology, but also how to work effeciently in large groups.
Along with this animation, our team created graphics (drawn with a plotter) to hang, and process video, and a machine that could recognoize hand signals. All of this work was finished at the Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.